Event Coverage: S&P May 29th 2011: Part 2


Here is the second batch of photos from the first Stretch & Poke meet of 2011. Over 150 cars turned up to this meet which actually dwarfed a few of the shows that day.

I am really glad you guys chose Euros for Part 1 on the fan page because it gave me a chance to edit the rest of the photos I took for todays much more photo intensive post.

This meet had quantity and quality.


Obviously not imports but I didn’t have these photos edited for Part 1.

This truck is so rad, refreshing to see something different done on an s10
This was the car with the I should have bought a VW sticker on it.
I actually don't know for sure what make this bike is but I will post it here again cause it is sick


Surprisingly there were not that many Mazdas at S&P, an RX-7 and RX-8 showed up just as I was leaving but I think I might have been the only Mazda driver for quite awhile.

First time I got to see the color of these wheels in person, very nice
I tend not to take pictures of my own car at meets so I borrowed this from stretchandpoke.com


I swear there were more Infinitis at the meet but I only ended up with photos of these two.

Blain's car on familar CCWs that have been flipped and cleaned up
This car was on air but never aired up once, drove in that low, drove out that low


The Lexus camp was well represented with VIP and no VIP offerings.

This Liberty member making my car look high
Aidan was obviously in attendance
Officially, official
Officially Liberty
Painting those wheels was such a good choice
So far Chris is at 80% of the things I am at


All these Nissans have me looking forward to seeing some drift action at CSCS this Sunday.

Santi from Staticmotion.ca has such a clean car
Bangin' color combo
Pinky and the brain? (What's up Neal)


The Mitsubishi crowd was represented by this silver duo.

The fade to cf on the lip was a very nice touch
Both of these cars were with the Lownatics as well as a few more below


None of these Subarus helped my urge to purchase one next, bank account still says no.

Hell yes wagons
JPs ongoing project, been a fun build to follow
Nextmod came with a pair of Subarus
More on this car soon....
First time I've seen Gillbert's car in person since the make over
When life gives you lemons paint that ish... purple?
This car is lower and wider than last year
and is pretty crazy looking in person
Closer look at the clearance
Really liked this stance, fairly meaty but nice and flush
The Lownatics crew is going to be a serious problem this year
As all of the cars they brought out were top notch


Finally the Hondas, at one point during this event I didn’t think the s2000s would stop rolling in.

Carving Starks! Props to this owners unique taste in wheels
Dave's Civic looking just as clean as last year
BBS'd Civic number 1
and Civic BBS number 2
And fast forward a few years to BBS'd Civic number 3
An S&P regular
There were so many s2000s at S&P it was insane.
Fat and Flush!
Danio's newest s2k
all day...
S2000 errrr where
I have posted nearly identical shots of this s2000 every time I have seen it
However never before have I shot this car on CCWS

See you at the next.


    i want that BELL brain bucket that things awsome
    Dave Aidan you guys lookin sick
    Aidan@ have you thought of pin striping the senter lines in youre grill to give it the same tone as your new rollers which are lookin classy as hell btw

  2. thanks for the pictures Dave.

    Actually I have too many thanks to give out for you, from how my previous subaru made it to Hellaflush site, all the way til how our crew are be recognized here.

    Stay fresh!

    Stanley from Lownatics

  3. Stanley, your car is so epic, it is sad to see you are selling it, but at the same time, it is exciting to see what you will come up with next.

    Oli, I actually havent thought of pin striping, but the Altezza emblem does also come in Red 😉 (but I am not sure if I wanna go down that route, as I feel it would turn the car to a sportier direction again)

    Dave, always great chilling and always love supporting the site. Get that sticker made so I can rep it everywhere I go again 🙂

  4. aidan@if ya want il try an dig up some picks (when im not work dead) to show you what i mean and send’em to dave for ya i was thinking more along the lines of classy europian vintage egsecutive saloons

  5. That Balt looks great, I’ve been seeing some pretty good builds of them lately. It’s about time, they have a LOT of potential given their performance numbers. In a sea of Civics and Golfs it’s nice to see someone push the envelope with something different.

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