Theme Tuesdays: When in doubt, BBS


Wasn’t really sure what to run this week and I didn’t have a whole lot of uniformity to the the cars living on my hard drive so I decided to go with a solution that normally always works: BBS wheels and a healthy drop.

Classic BBS mesh wheels will never be played out in my eyes nor will LMs. However I did try and toss a few other BBS designs in there to mix things up a bit.

If you are on the facebook fan page you know I am currently in love with this car
Nice looking IS300
Not sure if Rudy still has these RF (design 500)s. But on another note do Scorchers stretch?
One of the many reasons why I read The Chronicles...
Miracle whip
Never thought I would like this combination of colors
The colors in this picture reach out and smack you in the face
A lot of low
I've had this picture and the next saved for a long, long time
Well put together hatch for sure
Fitted, fit
I love this shot even though you can't really make out the wheels
That is a lot of beautiful wheel
On one heck of a nice car
Foxbody on BBS wheels... late addition

More Stretch and Poke photos later today!


  1. if theat scoobaroo had its wing (or a wing) i would be in love with its too its almoast perfect
    is pic number 9 a bentley turbo??? it look familiar but i cant place it

  2. Ollie, it’s a BMW 6 series, and I like it the best in this group of pics. The Merc is hot too.

  3. thanks phil i didnt think i was right but my sun baked brain couldnt think of what els it could be

  4. so whats the company that makes those headlights on the foxbody??? ive seen camaros tails by that GTO or gtb i cant ever make out what it says but i know its the same company cause they are always all black

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