Event Coverage: Krown Lakeshore Show & Shine


Before Stretch and Poke I swung by the Krown Lake Shore Charity Show & Shine put on by a friend of mine and fellow Toronto Mazda 3 member.

The show was family run and family focused so it had a real positive vibe to it, and it’s always great to see automotive enthusiasts getting behind Sick Kids Hospital as they do incredible things (I am living proof).

The sun was just starting to come back out when I had to leave for Stretch and Poke and the event was really just getting started. From what I’ve read the whole thing went off without a hitch which is great to hear.

Goings on

Like any good show their was food and side entertainment.

Cars posted up out front of Krown
These guys were brave, that is seriously rough ass pavement.
They put on another show later that was apparently also ill


Always love to see a clean beetle

A few classic guys had rolled up prior to my arrival. I have not spent nearly enough time around classics yet this spring/summer.

Beautiful Camaro
Well I guess we know who wears the pants!
This cool T bucket pulled up just as I was leaving, couldn't leave it out
One thing I always wondered is how it is to drive with the wheel like that
Next weekend I will be at a huge classic show 🙂


Being organized by a Toronto Mazda3 Member means that there were a lot of 3s in attendance but some other late models also came out to support the cause.

Acura on super Advans
Dave just beat me out on picking up these Work Wheels about a year back
This car and the RSX above are never too far apart at shows
Clean Camry on Volks... err Corolla of course..
Don't think I have seen this skyline before
Look my old suspension!
Probably the cleanest early gen hatch on Toronto Mazda 3
Gabe's 2010 with it's devilish grin
Joe is still dialing in the fitment of those Volks but should look great all said and done
The event organizers personal chariot
Clean 2010 sedan
This is what a 2010 Mazda 3 looks like on 04 Mazda 3 sportlines
More people need to get on this...

Hopefully Chris does another next year and I can stick around a little bit longer.


  1. @steven i was going to correct that, that xrs also appears to have a headlight retrofit with E55 shrouds. Clean cars none the less 🙂 love the widebody mr2 on super advans.

  2. its weird ive never realy paid attention to mazda 3’s until resantly (i wonder why lol) but there are a million billion of them there every were .
    dave@ mini staring wheels are oddly flat too and seam to sit in you lap (especialy the mk1) but you get used to it altho there not quits as flat as that T i must say

  3. I keep wondering how much longer white cars will be popular…

    Care to explain why/how you’re living proof Dave? If you’d rather not, that’s fine too.

  4. and whites good cos if it gets pranged its easy to color mach thats why cervice vans are always white

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