Event Coverage: S&P May 29th 2011: Part 1


Yesterday was the first Stretch and Poke! meet of the year and even though leading up to the event the weather forecast looked terrible (to put it nicely) somehow the thunderstorms held out all day and the weather was fantastic which lead to around 150 cars coming out.

The meet was my first chance to see a lot of local cars and familiar faces from last year and lots of people have stepped it up for 2011 so I am really looking forward to the rest of the year. Here are some of the Euros from S&P 2010 meet number 1.


Downsview Park was packed this Sunday which meant the meet had to be moved to the rear part of the GPK building which actually worked out pretty well because it gave us a great view of the neighboring air show.

I had grand intentions of making it over to the other stuff going on but cars just kept rolling into the meet so I never made it over. However here is some of the random stuff I saw at the meet, and one fighter jet.

A message from8380
This was on a G6 that I will post tomorrow but too funny not to post today
This bike was one of my favorite vehicles of the meet
Kind of makes me want a motorcycle, though I would probably get really hurt
This F18 was cruising around no afterburner though 🙁


Volkswagen guys are always doing things well and a little different. Hopefully I can hit up Vagkraft this year…

Dan's latest project which replaced his previous Jetta
The Scraped Crusaders are an awesome group of guys all around
and they live up to their name, note that bottle which stayed there until he was out of sight
Susannah's car which I most of the dub guys who follow me on twitter know well
Jetta on Type A's
Quite liked this car, clean as hell and vr6 swapped I believe
The willwoods were the first tip off that something different was under hood


Pretty decent BMW showing at this event and even more showed up after I put away my camera for the third or fourth time.

This bagged z4 I have posted a few times along with quite a few other stance sites
I see this car at every event almost and still don't know the owners name, my bad man
Mike and Jay from Stance Factory rolled up looking clean as always
They recently just got back from a trip to deals gap
Jay's new Motorsport edition RCs which he described to me previously as 'something new' and nothing more lol
One of a handful of e30s out yesterday
On the fan page I posted an s2000 with this in the background and everyone wanted more of this so here it is
If you are curious yes it is on air
and yes it goes like a bat out of hell. It will be featured on StreetClass soon

I should have the rest of the coverage (imports) up tomorrow which included a ton of s2000s that made it out along with a few Subarus and Mitsubishis however before then I should also have photos from Krown Lakeshore Show and Shine as well.

Stay tuned!


  1. Jet was an F18…if he broke sound barrier, all our windows would be smashed lol

    Great turn out though…i didn’t know that BMW had that motor in it!

  2. Damn, I missed it!

    Anymore pics from the event on the way?

    “Jet was an F18…if he broke sound barrier, all our windows would be smashed lol”
    Nah dude, they pulled that on mythbuster and no windows were smashed. 🙁

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