WTF Friday: Too much?


One thing that always bugged me about the show Family Matters (aside from the obvious) was the fact that in the intro Eddie (the son) was working on a car that never once appeared in any of the episodes I saw.

In fact the only cars that ever saw much screen time were Frank’s PD cruiser and Urkel’s Iseatta, talk about real bait and switch.

The Isetta was basically a running bit gag in the show (haha look it’s small and Urkel is a nerd so it is funny) but I think things may have gone different if they used this  Allison v12 powered Isetta.

Obviously this one is a little bigger than your average Isetta 300 and sports one more wheel than they came with from the factory but when you are essentially riding the motor from a P51 Mustang you need as many wheels as possible.

Just silly.

Quite honestly this car makes very little practical sense and was probably a handful to keep on the road but as soon as Ollie sent it in I hit Google for more info.

Sadly I didn’t find much more on the car other than the fact it was known as the Alsetta and built by Jim Lytie. No idea what happened to it or where it is now.

Lol talk about all motor!

However I suppose one of us could change the lack of information by purchasing this 1967 copy of Rod and Custom the car was featured in and scanning the pages.

Site Updates

I finally got around to mounting my Equips last Friday as the anticipation of whether or not it was all going to work out was killing me.

Cellphone shot in my moms driveway

Everything worked out a lot better than expected with the only rubbing being upfront which I fixed with a more aggressive roll.

I recently got an alighment and now my camber sits at 1.7-2 degrees all around. Prior to that I had -3.5 and -4.7 (did a bad job eyeballing the camber arms) in the rear which looked pretty wild but I decided to go with a more conservative rear camber so it didn’t make the front look bad and so my tires last the rest of the season as my mod budget is a big donut now.

However I am dropping the rear of my car that last 1/4 – 1/2″ to match the front as the slight rake I was rocking last year isn’t really doing these wheels justice so a bit more camber will probably come from that.

Other than a good detailing (tomorrow) and picking up my other lip from Nextmod I am done! …for now… I might look into getting custom length/rate swift springs for my BC’s next year. My next Rubber sizing is still up for debate too.

Flashback Friday

Stretch and Poke is this Sunday so here are some pics from their first event which was last year. I really hope the weather on Sunday holds out because I have two events to hit up and don’t want either to be rained out.

I'm not even 100% sure this car is still around

See some of you Sunday, the rest of you Monday.


  1. Yes, hope the weather holds out on Sunday…. I want to seriously race and not just slide around ha.

    But I needed to drop in and say that that Isetta is INSANE. It’s one of those ideas where you have to wonder who thought of doing it in the first place and why. o_O

  2. I saw Eddie’s car once. The purple one right? There was an episode where Carl bought him an old beat up police cruiser and the two of them fixed it up together. It was a father/son bonding episode. But then I never saw it again. He got it at the beginning and it was fixed at the end of the episode. And I never saw it again.

  3. I’ve seen the second photo of this completely mad (but awesome) Isetta, but not the first one that’s in color. Where did you happen to find it Dave?

    • Mark… you might be right I kind of remember that episode now that you mention it. Very very faint memories though.

      Joe Ollie sent it in mixed in with Opels and some other randomness we talk about. I had never seen either prior to that.

  4. dave@ having no idea what you are on about or who eddy is makes this poast even funnyer =P
    joe@i found it on a french hot roding forum a while back

  5. Actually there were two episodes where you seen his car. The second was when he bought a stolen sound system and installed it. Yea I watched thy show alot as a kid. I’m still a bit of a family matters nerd. Also back in the day we called it the erkel show or we said we are watching erkel.

  6. That Alsetta is mad (not just the poke haha). Imagine the sound in there when you put your foot down.

    Dave the 3 looks really good on the Equips. Glad it worked out better than expected. Looking forward to more pics.

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