Fat and Flush: Triumphant


Triumph is synonymous with quite a few great things: a song, a Canadian rock brand, a motorcycle manufacturer and finally the most relevant to this blog a British car manufacturer. I’ve been looking for something to post in the fat and flush category for awhile and this TR6 is the perfect fit.

This car looks like it was made to live in corners, both on the racetrack and on winding mountain roads.

Look at all that tire! Also a fan of the bumper delete
I'd like to be the lucky guy behind the wheel of this...
I'm not going to leave you guys without a side profile...

Found it on a BMX site so I don’t really have much more info so if you do, share 🙂


  1. My timing is just good, I’ve always wanted one of these. It’s just the electrics that have kept me away. But this one reminds me of an old SCCA racer.

  2. Dave@wow you found the other pics of this thing i sent you that first pic of it a while back actualy for joe (remember) it was for sale in sol’cal a while back apart from that i dont remember much about it
    ,why the hell dont people set cars up like this more often???

    joe@dude get one!! the electiics arnt that bad other than dodgy earths and theres not realy that much to go wrong uprated sus bushes are a must tho

  3. You sent photos of this Ollie? Figures haha.

    Joe electrical problems can be solved with an LSX motor probably. I mean those fix lots of things right?

  4. yes ofcorse i did Dave like 3 months ago and the six silinder triple webber motor thats in there is a gem and theres tons of after market suport half of the charm is that thay sound epic!

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