The Infamous Project E36 is lower than the rendering


Chris Savard’s double now triple build The Infamous Project has been moving along ahead of schedule. The AC Schnitzer e36 is more or less complete, just awaiting a few final finishing parts, and the Mustang is next up for some mods followed by his Lightning. The e36 looks exactly like the rendering except for one minor detail, it’s actually lower!

The man behind the renderings actually thought that the height he rendered it was lower than Chris could actually realistically drop it.

Chris laughed at this and took it as a challenge, looks like Chris won.

The inital rendering
I've never seen someone match their wheels to their trim before works really well
E36s always tuck so hard in the rear
Notice that the splitter also matches the rims

Chris has just rolled his 5.0 into the shop so be follow updates on that at


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