Wrong side of the tracks


Spotted this set of photos on HellaIV via EKHatch and I have to admit I was pretty impressed with the use of a fairly common location. Photos in train yards are nothing new but I have never seen someone drive on the rails like this before.

I couldn’t imagine doing it I would worry about driving off the rail and somehow getting stuck, that would be hard to explain not to mention embarrassing.

This looks similar to Dans Jetta which I posted in readers rides
Probably the most clearence this under carriage has seen in a long time
Nice raked stance

VW guys are always fun, check out more at HellaIV


  1. Well this is a random suprise. I have to say I never expected to see my car on a website like this lol. If you guys would like to see more shots from this specific shoot, I can contact my good friend and photographer that took them. We can hook you up with more 🙂 thank you for the comments everyone, and thank you Stanceiseverything.com for posting this lol

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