Skoty Chops


Some of you might remember me posting a photo of this dropped and chopped model A coupe on the fan page a few weeks ago.

I had felt like as though I was lacking some classic metal in my life so I took to crawling the H.A.M.B.

That Hokey Ass Message Board always delivers the goods and this ride built by Skoty Chops is no exception.

Triangulated rear suspension, borrowed parts from all over the place (including office chairs), an awesome suicide shifter, and that classic hot rod ‘feel’ are just a few of the reasons why I love this.

“People perceive my car as a rat rod I don’t believe it’s a rat rod, rat rods are unsafe and just slammed together vehicles…this car is put together well. People perceive it as a rat rod because of the no paint and the rust look to it but that is just how they did it back then”.

Skoty Chops

Automotive art at its finest, Skoty is on facebook if you want more.

Photo Credit: VJPhotography and Lorryson


  1. LOVE IT!
    That’s my next project – a rat rod.
    I consider it a rat rod myself because of the rust and no paint. Guess we all have a different idea of what a rat rod is.
    To me something unsafe has no category, it’s just crap.

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