If this is wrong I’m not sure I want what’s right


To some a lowered Subaru is a wasted Subaru, and a bagged Subaru is a complete abomination.

Those individuals are typically purists who don’t really believe that people are free to do whatever they want to the car they currently own for better or for worse. In the case of this Subaru, in my opinion, putting bags on it was for the better.

Abbitt Wilkerson was known for having an extremly low Subaru long before he converted to ‘the dark side’ but when he did jump from the static ship his car really came together leading to it’s final look below.

Prior to this look Abbitt ran just about every wheel in Rotiforms catalog but these TMBs really set things off
Perhaps this cars greatest attribute is that nothing looks over done…
The wheels don’t tuck or poke excessively…
…there isn’t an over abundance of camber
…and it looked incredibly clean


According to his posts on the WFC Forums this cars been parted and sold which is a bit of a shame, but his Legacy GT is already on it’s way to greatness.

Photo Credit: Farm Of Minds, G.W.A.G. Designs, and Abbitt Wilkerson.

I also found out he and his brother used to ride bmx. Cool.


  1. For some unknown reason I got all excited thinking it was a blog about white wall tires today… Meh oh well. Nice selection anyways.

  2. No a$$ shots?! Sick Subie…and with the bags I assume it can be romped on at driving height. Much more than with his previous static setup

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