Theme Tuesdays: Engine Bays


My engine bay sucks. Not only because the motor currently residing in it isn’t all that fast but also because it’s not very aesthetically pleasing. It’s hodgepodge consisting of an intake, HID ballasts, rust proofing goop, dirt, and a strut bar.

Every now and again it bothers me to the point where I feel I should do something, but not to the point where I actually do something.

Perhaps the engine bays in today’s post will not only encourage myself, but some of you who might have the same nagging desire to  spruce things up under the hood.

The engine bay of Legendary Motorcar Companies gorgeous Super Cuda
The (in)famous Northstar swapped Cav had a smooth bay in addition to the crazy swap
James has one of the more unique engine bay color scheme’s I have ever seen
Graffiti bays are often hit or miss but I don’t mind this one
Liam’s Cefiro when he had the twin setup
He has since switched to a big single
Steve’s sr20’d e30
MKIII Jetta from Neil’s Eurokracy coverage
The engine bay of Sean from Street Power’s turbo RX-7
A closer look
I think part of the reason I love this engine bay so much is because it is a wagon
Brian’s engine bay is almost always on display since he often never has a hood in sight
Martino’s recently finished, super bright, engine bay
Incredible ae86 bay, the battleship grey is a great touch
Incredible ae86 bay, the battleship grey is a great touch
The Honda Tuning featured Worked 905 V6 EK.  This car looks quite a bit different now that it has changed hands
Love the fact that accents in the engine bay match the dash and presumably the rest of the interior
This reminds me of an incredibly clean bathtub…
MK1 engine bays came up a lot when searching for clean shaved/tucked bays…
This is really crazy, the strut bar is the expansion tank
Want some motor with that turbo?
K20 VW Caddy with a nice woodgrain touch
RWD VW golf from one of the first WTF Fridays
This engine bay was actually the first I saved for this post. I love it.


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