Guest Coverage: Eurokracy 2012


Despite the wet weather last years Eurokracy drew quite a crowd proving that European car enthusiasts are not the type to let a little water get in the way of good times and low cars.

This year the Eurokracy team started promoting the show six months in advance and once the weather cooperated breaking last years attendance record was no problem at all.

Long time Stance Is Everything friend/reader Neil Kates made the trek out to Montreal for the show and his coverage combined a co-sign from The Scraped Crusaders make me think I should brave the Montreal roads and head out next year.

Line up of people wating to get into Autodrome St-Eustache
These two shots really illustrate just how big of a deal Eurokracy is

Non Euros

No outcasts at Eurokracy

Neil seems to share low trucks and Daytons
RPF1s look great on RX-8s
Fitted Civic
Props to the owner for keeping that lip scrape free, doesn’t look like an easy task
I am going to go out on a limb and say this car probably gets tossed around the track a bit
Those of you who read Canibeat will recognize this 350 from a feature they did on it
Great fitment without going over the top like some 350z drivers
Speaking of CIB/Air Society features this one is another
Rounding out the e-famous ‘non euros’ here’s Phil’s Cobra
Phil was recently able to get the car to roll at this height specifically for the Eurokracy Limbo contest


Some of Toronto’s heavy hitters of the BMW community made there way out to Montreal to meet up with their finest

Monolo was looking to retain his limbo title but got beat by this crazy vehicle with a folding windshield
His Brother Carm made the trip out with him
There’s a car locally that recently got a setup nearly identical to this
Love this e30 owned by ‘Wobbie’
If I’m not mistaken Steve of the Scraped Crusaders took home best e30


Obviously the heart of any good euro show is a copious amount of vehicles under the VAG umbrella and Eurokracy didn’t fail to deliver.

I’m Jelly
Super clean
Boosted GTI
On re lipped RMS
Love the fitment of these wheels
Another one of those color combinations I would have never thought would work so well… Chop Shop touch I guess
VW owners are really serious about their tucked and shaved bays as displayed by this supercharged Jetta representing for Stance Dubs
The exterior is just as clean as the bay
The euro hatch game isn’t bad either…
Does Scmidtt still do those crazy videos where they drive around directly on the wheel?
The rear fitment on this looks pretty aggressive
Speaking of aggressive…
Looks like rear quarters are now wear items to some people
That’s Neils Car in the foreground
You guys probably remember it from his feature
Neil used to rock a set of these Alphards himself actually
The Scraped Crusaders
Not sure what wheels those are but I don’t mind them
Not sure if the grey below the grill is permanent but I like it
Jetta On Lexus SC wheels, that’s a new one to me
This generation is slowly but surely growing on me as they get lower and lower
In a few years I can see being really used to them
This is probably my favorite currently
Recently featured in a video on Air Society

Big thanks to Neil for covering the event, and euro fans rejouce because Neil is going to be helping out with the Euro content on the site in the near future.

The only french words I know are bonjour and tabernac that’s enough to make it by next year right…?


  1. Yes those two words are all you need. Just throw in BIERE and you’re all set.

    There were so many nice cars at the show. I’m thankful for all the coverage of them because I now realize I didn’t even see 90% of the cars.

    Thanks again for the spotlight, always fun to see my car online.

    The brown Jetta at the end is for sale if anyone’s interested.

  2. Agreed Phil, going to that show made me realise a couple things as well. I also didn’t know a high percentage of the cars, however was happy to see the Canadian scene going hard. Also came to the realisation that bags these days are not a big deal lol, which is why my cars currently in the shop.

    Was nice meeting you, and everyone else.

    Thanks for posting my pics Dave, it was a pleasure to cover it, and I look forward to the other shows. Got some big ones in the UK coming up, so stay tuned!


  3. That last colour on the jetta is amazing.
    I don’t know how all those cars get around quebec with the idiots cops that patrol the province!

  4. I wanna punch who ever owns that gt3 owner is for putting chicken mesh in where the grills are,way to fuck up a beautiful piece of German machinery. Retard. But I was there with the scraped guys and the show was dope.

  5. Thanks for the writeup guys!

    You should definitely come next year, we really work hard on making this event a unforgettable weekend to Montreal for most of you outsiders. We bring you out partying and usually a little shoot on Sunday but this year we went too hard on Friday and were knocked out on Sunday lol.

    You are more then welcome in 2013, just hit us up before and we will work the details.
    BTW the Brownie on Gold wheels was mine, sold last week 🙁

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