Event Coverage: Mosport DMCC 2012: Finals


Moving right along to the finals from this past weekends Canada Day DMCC Drift celebration at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park.

For the finals I was lucky enough to score a media pass from my friend Trevor at tdott.me which allowed me to take photos from the infield.

Just like qualifying a few cars lost some battles with the course but once all the dust, fiberglass, and tire smoke settled Pat Cyr wound up taking the podium for his second straight first place in the 2012 series.

Alex Gosselin, Danny Bernier, Claude Poirier and Alex Michaud

Just a few shots from some of the earlier battles involving the above drivers, they were all pretty close.

Alex Gosselin early in the finals
Danny Bernier continued his smoke shows all the way into the top 16
Alex keeping it close with Claude

Peter Chrisikopoulos

The Peter Chrisikopoulos / Dave Briggs tandem battle was one of the most exiting pairings of the day and it called for several OMT’s (One more time).

Often Peter’s entry speeds put him farther ahead of Dave
But Dave would catch up in the corners and stay there

Brad Carlton

Brad drove really well through to the finals and while he didn’t podium he did put on a show for the hometown crowd, ass out since 2009.

These two photos are nearly identical
Sorry Brad

Dave Briggs

After two OMT’s and Dave actually breaking his car he was able to move on past Peter to face Pat Cyr later in the top 16.

Dave Brigg’s pre course induced face modifications
And after
Briggs trying his best to leave Pat behind

Marc Landreville

Marc Landerville put up quite a fight in the finals but eventually an on off course excursion left him sidelined with 12 or so degrees positive camber to the left rear wheel.

Marc’s entries were pretty awesome
As the event went on Marc’s car took a bit of a beating, looks pristine here though
Following Brad’s line to a tee
Marc keeping things under control while Simon Schaffner drops two wheels off

Francis Tasse

Francis Tasse managed to score third place after Landerville was knocked out due to mechanical trouble, that’s not to say he didn’t drive very well.

Francis could always be counted on to enter hot
Tasse / Pardis battles were very close, if I recall there may even have been some passing
Pat right on Francis’ door

Bob Patinka

Bob Patinka drove his LS powered Nissan all the way to second place.

I figured Bob would have lost his other fender but it miraculously held on
Bob vs Alex

Pat Cyr

Pat Cyr was driving incredible all day long when chasing no one could shake him he would just adapt and follow the leaders line perfect, and when Pat was leading he was calm and control like he was on the course all alone.

Well deserved first place for Pat and Drift Posse.

Probably noticed that this shot is the current cover shot on the fanpage
Pat way out ahead of someone in a tandem
I think this might have been in the earlier tandem with Brad Paauw
Perhaps the last time I will get a chance to shoot this car on the track so I took a lot…
Without a doubt the best panning shot I have ever taken thus far.
Pat rightfully Stoked.

Best of luck to all of the drivers in the rest of the 2012 season and I’m already looking forward to seeing them compete again next year.


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