Guest Coverage: Drift Ops Oct 30 2011


Drift Ops along with Cool Kids and sponsor Sailun Tires just wrapped up a successful season of drift events at local track Shannoville.

In some cruel twist of fate I was busy every Sunday that they had an event this year, but for the season-ender Charles Spivak was able to make it out and he kindly offered up his coverage for the site.

It looks the event had a great turnout and everyone had a good time shredding tires one last time before either converting their cars to winter status or giving them an off season over haul.

Hopefully next year I will be able to make it out to one of these events, though I will probably come home with some serious rear wheel drive envy… but what else is new?

On Track

Kevin putting his s14 to work
Mats has no issue throwing this giant sedan around
Full lock
More of the same
This car looks pissed.
This s14 is super clean, I dig
Now with more angle
Another very clean car
Amanda is not only good at drifting... she can fiberglass pretty damn good too
240 sending it
Pats car fresh off a Formula Drift season
I hope Pat doesn't change the color of his car this year so I can finally finish that RC rep...

Off Track

Daily wheels make way for drift spares
Jon's bumper finally give up the ghost?
Amanda's car in the afternoon sun
Looks like Santi (Static Motion whats up) changed a few things up front
MK5 lookin sick
Looks like Kevin might have done a little landscaping
Very sick looking Skyline
Looks like Wayne wrapped his IS, awesome choice in color
End it with my favorite shot of the set and I don't even smoke...

Big thanks to Charles for hookin’ up the photos and check is flickr out ( for this entire set along with other events from 2011.


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