Featured Ride: Phil’s Cobra


Not everyone’s got the balls to go up against the modification ‘norms’ of their platform because doing so invites the opinions of naysayers and know-it-alls.

But what if the end product is a combination of function and form comprised of parts only from reputable manufacturers, then what?

Well then you have a car like today’s Mustang, one that provokes conversation and stands out amongst its peers.

Open 1024px version in a new window

Open 1024px version in a new window

Phil started this build right where the Ford factory left off by installing a group of go fast modifications to the already supercharged Cobra from manufacturers such as: BilletFlow , JLT, Bassani, Steeda, LFP  and Innovative.

Now the car now puts down a healthy 480 or so horsepower which means that the same people quick to share their dislike for this car on other blogs and forums secretly wish they could run with it on the highway.

Open 1024px version in a new window

Open 1024px version in a new window

Suspension wise the home built, no corners cut, Accuair/Ride-tech air install is sure to not only satisfy the ‘moar lows’ crowd but also please those who live by the phrase built not bought.

This suspension, which is the most recent modification done to the car, was carefully researched before hand to ensure that it both looked and performed better than the Cobra coupe suspension that preceded it.

Open 1024px version in a new window

Open 1024px version in a new window

Finally the aptly named CCW Classic wheels are sure to keep the wheel aficionados at bay because the timeless design of these high polished wheels suit the car perfectly, and the 275/295 tires that wrap these18x9 and 18×11 inch wheels are a direct nod to this Cobras performance roots.

Open 1024px version in a new window

Open 1024px version in a new window

If this car were described only by it’s stand out features, the CCWS, air ride, and boost would a Mustang be the image most conjured up? Probably not.

Does that make this car any less impressive? Definitely not.

Open 1024px version in a new window

Open 1024px version in a new window

Phil’s desire to head somewhat off the beaten path while still creating a car that is very much functional is exactly the type of thing that keeps this hobby interesting and I for one welcome more people willing to challenge the norm.

I would like to thank Phil for not only giving me the opportunity to feature his car, but also for being a long time reader, and putting me in touch with talented photographer Jeremy Alan Glover who handled the lens work for this feature.

Modification List


  • GG&G “F*ckin’ Fast” shift knob
  • Innovate G3 Air/Fuel ratio gauge
  • Paint-matched CDC lightbar
  • Bullitt Mustang side scoops
  • Cobra grille emblem
  • Black vinyl bumper letter inserts


  • Accuair e-level air suspension kit with touchpad
  • 5 gallon tank
  • Dual chromed Viair 400C compressors
  • RideTech CoolRide bags and plates
  • Maximum Motorsports front Strut Tower Brace
  • Kenny Brown Performance Extreme Matrix Subframe System
  • CCW Classic 18×9.5 front with 275/35R18 Nitto INVO (post shoot)
  • CCW Classic 18×11 rear with 295/35R18 Nitto INVO


  • JLT Carbon Fiber CAI
  • Stock TB and plenum ported by Stiegemeier
  • 2.76″ BilletFlow blower pulley and 100mm idler
  • Bassani stainless steel catted X-pipe
  • Steeda stainless steel catback
  • LFP Dual Pass Heat Exchanger
  • LFP Supertank intercooler reservoir
  • Innovate LC-1 wideband O2 sensor
  • SCT XCalibrator2 with custom tune
  • MGW short shifter


  1. is it me or are the rear fenders not rolled? might just be my screen.. first clean mustang ive seen in a while though

  2. Awesome, I love it! 🙂 Thanks Dave for the feature!

    The rear fenders are rolled, bordering on not rolled. I only rolled them a very little bit. They need another once-over where the fender meets the bumper.

    Thanks for the compliments, guys!

  3. As a fellow Mustang owner who loves a stanced car… truly amazing work. I hope it inspires the Pony/Muscle crowd to try a little harder!

  4. Too low… Looks like somebody sold their golf/tl/stanced car and wanted to go fast and ended up making it stanced. You can’t expect to get respect when you slam a Cobra that.. If we slams on the breaks on the highway after hitting 100+ he might scrape

    • Shawn while Phil can drive the car at the height it is in the pictures I don’t believe that is his daily ride height.

      I am sure Phil will chime in here but I don’t think the bags took away much if any of the cars performance at ride height.

  5. Thanks Dave. My Cobra isn’t stanced, as far as I know. I don’t expect respect from anyone. Check out the build thread, there’s a ride-height picture in there somewhere.

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