Aidan’s Year End Video


Watching Aidan’s car progress over the past two years has been quite a treat and the work he has done certainly didn’t go unnoticed in 2011.

His season started off great with a high profile feature, and ended even better with the opportunity to showcase his car alongside Liberty VIP in the lobby at Importfest.

Between working on his car, helping out behind the scenes at events, and bringing steak to grill on my BBQ Aidan also managed to squeeze in some time to do the following video with local videographer Misha Frolov.

If you have seen this car in person you know that photos don’t really do it justice so seeing it get shine time like this is awesome.

Like a lot of us Aidan has a few plans up his sleeve for 2012 but I am not about to spoil them (unless he gives me the green light).

As for the man behind the lens Misha is gearing up to do more video work and judging by this and his last video I can only assume he will be busy next year.

You can get in touch with him via his vimeo page: or


  1. love the car , love the video skills, cant believe he’s using a car wash brush on that black paint ***ouch***, regardless SWEET!!

  2. We have more Toyota Altezza’s (Japanese version of the IS300) than IS 300’s here in The Bahamas, but I’m sorely tempted to pick one up and do something similar. Sweet ride.

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