Theme Tuesdays: Women And Cars Part 2


Time again to do a pretty straight forward Theme Tuesday post, the kind you could find on any other blog.

Sorry this is not as creative as some of the previous ones. I’m not even sure you guys will like it….


Warning: Potentially NSFW unless maybe you work at the Brass Rail or just DGAF.

Lucky guy owns an e30 m3 and has company like this
I think Rotiform had a full set of photos just like this one
She is not stoked
I recently read that Camels humps are in fact not filled with water (filled with fat)
Why so serious
Drop two letters from the sign in the background
Art form indeed
Add this to the list of reasons to own a GTR
I'd like to see her try and get out of that car dressed like this
Party wagon
Impala needs to be lower, nothing bad to say about the person in front of it
A little something from the folk at
The power of Mopar?

Bonus women and Bikes!

Women and Bikes Theme Tuesday some day?

Off the top of my head the various blogs and forums that I used for this post were: Motor Models, Stance|Works and JDMRides assume all of these direct links to be NSFW as well.


  1. I don’t see any cars in these pics ……..

    Dave, in terms of that Rotiform pic, there’s several more. All can be found on their website under the Wallpaper section.

    • Blackout I never seem to come across black chicks (with cars) and of late Asian has been mostly Amy Fay.

      Doesn’t mean I won’t have more variety next time though.

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