Theme Tuesdays: Women and Cars


One ‘drawback’ to compiling the Classy Car Model Theme Tuesdays is that I often end up coming across lots of photos of women with cars that are the standard fare, you know, the scantily clad woman with a nice car type of photo.

All of the photos in today’s post were chosen because of the car in the photo, the woman in the photo, or the photography, I’ll leave it to you guys to speculate in the comments what was the determining factor in each. Sorry in advance ladies, also this one may be NSFW.

If this is your first time seeing this photo, you're welcome
A few people sent me this, thanks
Nice colors in this photo
E30 M3s get women
Further proof of the above fact
4x4 Stance?
Guess women love NSX's as well
Which did you notice first?
Fat bottom Supra...
Slingshot dragsters took a special type of crazy
Dub love
Something for the Mini fans...
There's a VW van back there some place...
Damn pit crews are getting hotter


  1. I love this edition of Theme Tuesdays: Women and Cars!!! All winners!!!! Well ecept the girl in the mini skirt with boot and gloves and GTI…kinda weirded me out LMAO

  2. hmmm its a while since ive seen a lool late modle supra and hay dave my model to go on the bonnet of my mini is hotter all i need now is the mini lol

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