Winter Wednesdays: Not Much


Snow wise this winter is still continuing to be fairly uneventful in the GTA. Usually it snows while I am at work, then by the time I get off work all of it’s melted, so I don’t really see any of it.

Not that I am really complaining because commuting in even light snow seems to double the time it takes to go anywhere.

Here are two Nissans in fairly light amounts of snow.

Enkei RPF1's are still stalking me, dammit
A little bit more snow around this one in the UK


  1. thank god i live to spain its been -15c in my village in the uk the coldest its been over here tho is 5c i was freezing my ass off lol

  2. I know the guy of the first 240….he tunes my supra. Good guy. That car is making well over 700 whp now. Things a monser.

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