WTF Friday: With no offense to purists


Cars like this are exactly the reason I couldn’t be like you guys. This 75 5 series has everything a purist would lust after, it’s mechanically sound, extremely clean and lacks the large North American safety mandated bumpers.

However had it stayed exactly like as the BMW factory intended chances are pretty good that I wouldn’t be dedicating an entire post to it.

The builder and I obviously think along the same lines because he felt the aforementioned characteristics made it perfect for a ‘cross breed’ motor swap blending German skin with an American mill.

Starting out with the business end, proper looking install of this 427
The site I found this on says this is a Mercedes color, could have fooled me as it looks similar to Arctic Blue
Interior has a few cues something's up but not too much
Wonder where this gem ended up

This car was sold way back in 2008 on ebay for 22k so if you happen to see a older 5er cursing your hood that sounds a bit different than the rest you might want to ask the owner what’s under the hood.

Site Updates

So I commissioned the art department (my girlfriend) to design a new sticker for Importfest and contacted some people I know who are in the show for some color options as it’s a two tone. Once they arrive I will let you guys vote on which colors will make it to mass production.

Until then this is nothing but a teaser.

Events wise I think I’ll be passing through Vagkraft on Sunday depending on the weather. There’s supposed to be a trail jam same day so I might have to try and hit both…

Flashback Friday

Continuing the above thought I have not been to Vagkraft since 2009 so maybe I should go before hitting some jumps made of dirt.

Air assisted


  1. The engine in this BMW is a small block Chevy. A 427 is a big block. I dont think this BMW has a 427ci engine in it unless they some how stroked a 400ci small block and got 27 more cubic inches out if it.

    • Just going off what I read on bring a trailer “The engine is an all aluminum 427 cubic-inch small block Chevrolet, and the install is shockingly good with custom coated headers and a one-off aluminum radiator”

      the original ebay ad is gone so that’s all I had.

  2. diging the period correct alpina touches the only thing that lets this car down is the bootless short shifter and gass pedal beautiful engine install tho

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