Event Coverage: Vagkraft 2011 Part: 1


It’s been two years since the last time I attended Vagkraft and even though it poured during last years event I still kind of regret not going, so when the forecast for this year looked similar I decided to head out anyway.

Thankfully the collective will of hundreds of car enthusiasts kept mother nature from acting a fool and it was dry the entire time I was there. The local VAG community goes pretty hard so if you like European cars and have not attended one of these events you are missing out.

While I was shooting I considered breaking up the coverage by static and bagged but I figured if I miscalled one or two there would be hell to pay so I am just organizing the photos loosely by generation or team/club/shop/drinking buddy affiliation.

Beatles, MKI’s and Scirocco

I really don’t post enough of all of the above on this site.

One of the most universally known front ends period
This car was concourse clean
Bugsplat holding it down for Volksrods. My first time seeing this car in person, impressive fab work
Certainly not for the faint of heart but I liked it personally, builds like this keep things interesting
Managed to fire off this quick shot while the crowds parted around this car
This Scirocco's wheel setup was pretty interesting...
Beauty lies within
I've seen pictures of this car online before but this was the first time I had seen it in person
I was a little disappointed to realize I shot the same side twice when I got home
I did manage to get a better shot of the hood though


Lacking a bit on these generations in my coverage…

Posted car up facebook and the reaction was mostly positive
Wide RM's tucked up under even wider flares
I have not seen any Hookups merchandise since like... '01?
This car was a treat
Incredibly clean all around
This was peculiar, I wonder what the MTO says if anything at all..
Murdered out look still goin strong

Scraped Crusaders

Almost all of the Scraped Crusaders made it out for Vagkraft, I think the only car I didn’t see was Pat’s Golf.

Gill was an Audi for the day I guess 😛
Not sure if you can see the citation under the wiper but this car was deemed unfit for the road on the way to Vagkraft for being to low, that's G
Mr Sparkle!


Chopshop pulled a couple of all nighters to get the cars ready for Vagkraft which involved a couple of ups and downs but they seemed to be in good spirits regardless.

Drew's giant turbo e30 and a dialed s4
Chopshop contributed to the wide amount of clean Audi's at Vagkfraft
Support your local Chop Shop

Air Assisted

Air Assisted in Markham had a few cars laid out on the ground in front of their booth. A couple you might recognize from past event coverage or by photos I’ve dropped on the fan page.

Overview of the entire AAC group
I had the privilege of shooting this car a few days before the event, those photos will be up soon
I know some of you guys on facebook are more fans of tuckin' tire so here's some tuck
I happened to be reading the build thread on this car on idub.ca the morning of... random
Somehow I neglected to read the part where he got these seats
Domo guarding Phil's trunk setup

Sic Ryde

Sic Ryde brought out a lot of Rydes

Sic managed to get the most non VAG cars into a VAG event lol
From a distance I thought this was wood stain or something but it was actually cleared rust (I think)
Never seen this Jetta roll with Sic before, one of the many people sporting Rotiforms at Vagkraft
Sic's but a lot of work in on this Corrado over the summer, it's on air now and running well
One day I'll take a picture of the mods list for this...
Looks a lot better now that it's grounded
My favorite car of in Sic's Vagkraft lineup was this Porsche
Simply classic

Part two should be up tomorrow after the normal Theme Tuesday post.


  1. Thanks for the pics Dave. Pat’s car was in the parking lot. On site registration was full apparently. Also Dan (primer golf) got the ticket while going to get lunch. lol

  2. great shots Dave. We repped hard and thanks to Nelson and the crew from NVW Crew … They rolled deep and Repped SR as well… In support of the movement. Thanks to Carm from Factory Tire as well… Rrolled w 3 cars…. Total of 26 cars… This is not a car club… For those wondering…

    Hope to see you at Importfest.. Come by the SR Booth…

    SIC RYDE… Pass it On…

  3. lots of awsomeness but damn you on the seats dave there gorgeous
    not a fan of the mixamatosis caddy (soft top golf), the stove pipe golf or the front end swap on that corrado

  4. Just one of many Rotiforms at the show!?!?!?

    Those aren’t your basic everywhere cast blq’s or Nue’s they any chump can buy at megawheelz, those are super concave custom fit/et 3 piece TMB’s. super g status shiz…

    sic ryde? not a car club? pass it on? wtf is it then? and that corrado is the effing tits!! to bad that front end wants me want to puke all over myself, rado is a freakin abomination.

  5. SIC RYDE is a movement that is here to change the world… brought on by myself … and the philosophy i bring…

    To each there own, hope you got a napkin to clean up the puke…

    I have a few corrados anyways… anyways… from one ride to another.. for the love of all cars…

    sic ryde.

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