Theme Tuesdays: Toyota MR2s (w10/w20)


I’ve got to thank Ollie once again for the help with this Theme Tuesday. Most of the w10 designation MR2s in this set came from his collection actually as a lot of my collection was made up of the later body style.

I’m honestly a little surprised I don’t run across these cars more often at the various events I go to, did a lot of them get over cooked into solid immovable objects or something?

Start things off with this one
Type A Theme Tuesday one day?
Windshield banner says it all?
VS-xx front and K-1 rear?
Another set of classic wheels on MR2
JDM through and through
Flared for a reason
I desperately wish I could find a high res version of this shot
I've liked this MR2 for awhile but I really wish he could find the center piece to that spoiler
Nice roller
Still one of the best stickers I have ever seen, pretty sure there is video of this car driving in the snow on youtube as well
Last saw this one in 2009
All white everythang
Both sets of Works this car has worn have looked great
Borrowing from Ravi and the group at V2Lab
Great angle
Dat ass!

I couldn’t talk about MR2’s and not include this video, sure it is as old as dirt but it is also one of the first things to pop into my head when I think MR2 and it has a VW in it and more VWs are coming later today…


  1. what are the wheels on the i cant see shit car?
    i think ive still got the hi res of that mr id thought id sent it too ya oh well il get it to ya

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