Event Coverage: Vagkraft 2011 Part: 2


Vagkraft was actually the first event I went to on Sunday and I had intentions of getting this second half of coverage up and out the door last night so I could get to editing and posting the photos from the second event.

However I ended up getting sidetracked editing photos for the next featured ride and before I knew it the entire evening had evaporated.

To make up for the semi delay I quickly edited a few more photos to make this set of coverage equal to that of the first, of course that made getting this post up take even longer, flawed thought patterns are something I do well 🙂

Mini, Nissan, BMW

Kicking things off with cars that don’t fall under the VW/Audi/Porsche umbrella.

Bright side coatings Mini on fittingly bright teal wheels
Half of team Importfest came out, Amuse 370... damn
Monolo's Z4 was recently featured on Air Society who I have to apologize to for completely sleeping on at Vagkraft
Speaking of slept on I took a few pics of Carm's car but none of the m3 beside it...
I guess that really says something about the recent changes Carm has made to this car


This 930 on Compmotives get’s its own sub heading and paragraph because it’s just that fly.

Too much want
Wait is there such a thing as too much want with a car like this?


Couple more of the Audi’s from Vagkraft 2011

Audi on Gallardo's
This wheels look nearly identical in color to the one on Tim's featured Subaru
Tough to say which of these TT's I like more...
Respect to Pedro for rocking SIE stickers
Pretty sure this is the first time I've seen one of these on an intake
Rotiform invasion continues

Corrados, MKI, MKII, MKIII

Missed a few yesterday

Nelson's Corrado looking clean as usual
I'm convinced these are some of the strongest wheels ever made based on Schmidt's videos
It's Mudra /Ja Rule Voice
This caddy has dropped in height since I saw it last
Thanks to some air suspension, this truck has got tons of character to it
This hood is pretty slick, my shot of it not so much
I see this car fairly often on my daily commute


Blue on cream looks dope! Who knew?
Clean bay where the color scheme isn't overdone
Bags a plenty at Vagkraft
Like the copper color faces on this GLX
Emission testing
Didn't get a full shot of Susannah's car but you've all seen it by now, however I did get a shot of the roof vinyl
Love the choice to go with RFs here
Golf or Jetta, tuck or poke, pick your poison
VW owners raid some Work wheel stash I don't know about?
idub.ca I see ya
Last time I saw this car was at CSCS and by the time I went to take a pic of it vanished
Vag girls go hard? Wait...
Passat on Bents

One Low Tow

It might seem a little weird to end off coverage of a VAG event with pictures tow truck but this Vagkraft was the first time I actually took a long look at this truck on the inside.

I always thought the Terminator theme was just on the outside.

So I can't remember if this had Terminator stuff on it before or not
T200 in the door amongst other things
Looking for Sarah Connor

That’s a wrap for Vagkraft 2011, seeing all these dubs, Porsches, and Audis in one spot makes me wish I could make it out to H20 this year but I’ve got a previous engagement (that involved free alcohol).

Anyone up to shoot some shots of it for me?


  1. cant belive you took pictures of that ebay a4 with the lambo rep wheels.
    fucking hate that car. stupid tail lights, and the back end looks like a big bubble.
    not to mention the owners fully retarded.

    IIRC there was a really flush a4 next to it with a huge staggered setup.

  2. Kounterkultured it was held in Brampton Ontario

    darkness I don’t know the owner and didn’t think the car was all that bad. I’ll check and see if I have some photos of the car on the other side though…

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