Theme Tuesdays: Classy Car Models Part 3


Time to fall back on another established Theme for this Tuesday, but I am pretty sure no one will mind as I have yet to see a gear head turn down photos of fine looking cars and fine looking women.

Oddly enough one common trend of Classy Models part one, part two and today’s part three is that each has had an older VW paired with a fine young lady.

VW owners are winning I guess, here we go:

Posted this car before, now it's joined by a lady in black
Do women prefer 8v or 16?
Nice shoes (x2)
Easy on the paint...
Ally Mcbeal
Beetles seem to attract women in skirts
Just enough clothes to be classy... right?
Rieger girl 1
Rieger girl 2, Also Rieger their swing up doors evidently
Damn (x2)
More VW love
Female drivers?! This picture is odd


  1. Oh man! Was there a 1920×1080 or close resolution of the one with the flipped beatle? I’d love a new background! :3

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