Event Coverage: Mosport DMCC Part 1


On Sunday September 19th 2010 I went out to my first Drift Mania Canadian Championship (DMCC) event, which just so happened to be their final East event of the year.

I had the long lens on the camera for most of the day which worked a treat for catching the action from the stands, and today’s coverage is what I caught in the qualifying rounds.

A lot of people have been saying that the course was not as fast as it could have been, but I still had a great time watching all of the drivers try and figure out the technical, multi-elevation course.

Furthermore I’m still a ‘noob’ when it comes to this drifting business so I will take what I can get, and anytime I can go out and support Pat Cyr and Drift Posse I am going to do it.

The Lineup

I’m going to do my best here to name the drivers who’s photos I took, if I miss label any please let me know.

Chris St John, one of the guys from CSCS
Kevin Grenier
Claude Poirier I believe
Bob Patinka in his glassless 240sx
Mats Baribeau's Gold in the net Mark II
Dany Bernier
This one is easy, Pat Cyr

Onto the action

As previously mentioned the track was pretty tricky with all of the elevation changes. A lot of drivers came in too hot and paid with spin outs and off track excursions.

The opposite side stands, where the judges were
Chris was having a little trouble Sunday but I am sure he will redeem himself this Sunday
If this was golf people would be fixing lots of divots
From entry this bumper was held on by zip ties
I thought it was a goner but it held fast
What would a drift event be without a bumper separation?
Frédéric Girard in his Rock Star 240sx
He was driving well and made it through to the finals
Kevin on it
Nice angle here
This v8 in this car screamed
Sliding one of the early turns in the course
Jean-François Chiasson Nice and sideways
Danny Bernier putting that work in
See all the matching shirts in the crowd? They were all rooting hard for this car
This was one of my favorite turns of the course to take pictures of if you have not noticed
Was really hoping to get a shot like this that day
Saw a lot of this big Mark II from Importfest getting sideways
Matt Waldin was having an exceptional day
No bumper no care
Pat's car sounds awesome and he came out fast
Since his car was smaller he could get it very sideways on the tight course
This is one of my favorite shots, car looks so pissed off

Check back tomorrow for Show & Shine pictures and Thursday for pictures from the finals, and perhaps check this page later for some photos I may or may not have forgot to add.


  1. Nice Pics! All the drivers you named was on the right picture. I hope you have some picture of the black S14 with the Yakima roof rack! Such a great stence and style!

  2. Dave great seeing you there! awsome coverage man im glad you had a good time there! photos came out wicked! ride soon times man

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