Event Coverage: Mosport DMCC Part 2


In between the qualifying runs and the finals at DMCC I took some time to quickly pass through the show and shine/pit area so it only makes sense that the coverage of said show and shine appears between the qualifying coverage and finals coverage.

In hindsight it was free to enter the show and shine so I should have thrown my car in for kicks, next year…

Over view of the show and shine


Few shots of some of the cleaner looking Hondas at the show

Focal Points Concepts came to shine
Needs General Lee style numbers 😛
Clean to the point RSX
Every time I see Matt he has new or different colored wheels
Took a peak at his interior which was clean as expected
I think I like these wheels most of what he has run this year
A way better picture of the Turbo EL from Importfest


I didn’t see to many AWD cars at the show now that I think about it, wonder why 😉

Nice Subaru on Gram Lights
DGK All Day

Union Autoclub

The guys from Union are pretty much a given at any drifting event.

That lip should look sick mounted
Santiago from Static Motion/Visual Sugar's Silvia
Jesse picked up this drop earlier in the summer and has put a lot of work in on it
Should be painted soon

Shelby, BMW, Subaru, Datsun, Toyota, Nissan

Basically everything else…

Chris is always out
Beauty of a Datsun
With an interesting plate
Great looking Shelby
I think if I had the right car I would rock these Equps
Jimmy Up

Pat’s Ae86

Took some time to check out Pat’s car up close, this car wears its wounds (and stickers) well.

Every time I was near Pat's car there was a crowd around it
This guy was checking out the swap
So I figured I would join in
Pat's rear window, thanks for the love man
Fresh rubber on the fenders, tons of camber up front

The Silvia

This car was at Stretch and Poke Two on half of this setup but now that he has the all four on the car looks crazy.

A lot of people stopped to check out the fitment, most notably the rear fitment.

F'in fitted
Fender vs tire, the battle continues

Check back tomorrow for the drift finals and podium coverage.


  1. that s2000 is just begging for a spoon roof (as is every othe s2k on the planet) liped nissan rocks props to all lol

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