Guest Event Coverage: Stretch & Poke II


This past Sunday Stretch & Poke hosted their second event, ‘Hard Parked’ at Humber Bay Park East in Toronto. The turnout for this event was smaller than the last but the cars that did show up were of top notch quality and sometimes a smaller group is better than a larger group when you are hanging out on a Sunday afternoon.

While I was unable to attend Mike Branco, (the Division R member with the Mazda RX-8 on works)  did and was kind enough to give me permission to reproduce his photos here, so without further adieu here is ‘Hard Parked’ through the lens of Mike.

A beautiful shot of the over view of the meet
While not stretching or poking this Acura is damn clean
Proper looking Acura
This el clipped Civic on CCW's is a favorite of mine
Close up of the fitment
Vinyl wrapped lips? They look crazy
I'll never get tired of this s2k
Clean civic
Sitting low with Mugen accessories
Scraped Crusaders in the house
Solid looking golf, construction orange is working well here
Nice looking boosted e36
Mr VIP and a Lexus from the last meet
Mikes RX-8 on Work VS-xx wheels
Another shot of Mikes Ride
Over fendered, flush, s13
Two very fitted Subarus
I dig it
I was never a huge Infiniti fan until I went to a Stretch & Poke meet
Looking at these one's though I can't imagine why I didn't like them
Clean? Check. Low? Check. Dope wheels? Check.
Stretch & Poke

Big thanks to Mike for the photos and Stretch & Poke for putting on the event, hopefully I will be able to make it to the next one.


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