Worked 905 gettin busy


Remember the J-32 powered, Worked 905, Honda Civic I posted in the ‘Unique Local Motor Swaps‘ Theme Tuesday? The same one I saw at Honda-Tech 6 and Vagkraft last year and the same one that was featured on The Chronicles and in the pages of Honda Tuning? If none of this rings a bell click here for quick reminder.

This year the owner, Phil, decided that just a J-32 swap wasn’t enough and that he need some forced induction, so he added a supercharger on top of the motor, which was already sticking out of the hood a fair bit.

The result is a car that’s even crazier than before which he and the rest of the crew at Worked 905 drove (no trailer here folks) from Mississauga to Tennessee for Import Alliance.

Expect to see a lot of this car on the internet this week, local guys doing big things, love it.

Side shot of last years setup at Honda Tech 6
and now a sideshot from Import Expo 2010
Shot from behind the wheel on the way to Tennessee
If muscle car guys can drive around with blowers under the hood why not Import folk?
Cleaned up and closed up at Import Alliance
Proudly representing Canada

This car is batshit crazy. Check out more from Worked 905facebook page and soon website.


  1. RAD bit of kit but it it just a streaght line mashine ?or is it actualy capable of going round a 100mph corner with out epic power understear at more than ?

  2. No idea what kind of number it puts down now, I am sure their will be dyno runs soon.

    Ollie, not sure how well it handles either I am guessing a lot of torque steer is present.

  3. That is insane. I didn’t really like the look of just the engine sticking through the hood, but I love the look of the supercharger on top.

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