Motor Monday: The Berlin Buick


I’ve wanted to see the Berlin Buick in person ever since it graced the pages of Just A Car Guy.

It’s name Berlin Buick, is a bit of a play on words. On the exterior the car is 100% Beetle.

The Buick part of the equation lies beneath the skin. Behind the driver’s and passenger seats is a 215 cubic inch Buick motor. Hence the name; Berlin Buick.

It’s an insane combination, but it’s been executed as elegantly as such an unorthodox union could ever be.

The motor, which has been fully painted, detailed, and topped with a Hilborn injection system, sits within an equally beautiful interior.

Inside the car actually no longer has a Volkswagen dash. The new one is from an early Buick motorcar.

The rest of the car, from the custom air ride equipped chassis, to the beautiful body is thoroughly detailed.

In the realm of Volkrods this car is wildly different. Built less rat rod and more street rod it’s a car that is easy to appreciate.

While the lack of firewall might provoke down the car is completely operable. Brown’s Metal Mods did a phenomenal job with this one.

Hopefully I get the chance to see this car again. I’d really love to shoot it in a slightly more photogenic setting.


  1. What happens if you drive with the windows up and roof closed? Does the inside just become a vacuum? Lol. Pretty nice though. Sounds great and good to see he’s driving it

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