Theme Tuesdays: Classy Car Models


Car modeling is an interesting thing, I never really know how to interact with models at shows since I figure that by the time I show up (usually late) they have already dealt so many assholes that they have written off the entire male population for the day. Often for good reason as we can be pigs when women are dressed in their skivvies.

That’s why for today’s post I decided to pull together a collection of classy, mostly fully clothed, models that would be more approachable than a girl in a bra and some ‘got ass?’ shorts.

This was a lot more difficult than I thought and I had to spend hours upon hours looking at women, the stuff I go through for my readers…

Ready for a night on the town
Car needs a little down and out
I posted this one before and it was well received
Santiago Gomez had the privilege of shooting this young lady
Local shop Next Mod has done a few shoots with nice models
Another with their is300
Both the girl and the car are unobtainable to me.
This photo shoot is super popular shouts too @solefoodOG on twitter for finding these for me
Low car long skirt
This pic works your emotions... get it? ...ya
Nice hand tat here
Another internet famous shoot
Car matches the shoes girls gotta accessorize
Threw this one in for my gf since she drives a Soul
This one came from an escort service site haha
The poor mans Bentley
Another Ferrari
Photo wise this shot is amazing
Just another pretty face...
This picture is awesome
Maybe this is why models normally don't wear dresses?

If you are like me and ever wondered what goes through the mind of an auto show model be sure to check out Do You Come With The Car – a blog of an unidentified auto show model. She is also on twitter at: @DYCWTC. I’ve already spent a few hours at work reading this blog…


  1. Haha, you are officially one of my favorite guys in the whole world. 😉 This is *awesome.* I love it. If I could get into this sort of thing…. Well, I’m sold, ha. (I’ve got a tiny photo shoot I’m planning for when the weather warms up, so we’ll see how it turns out. I hate giving up the behind the camera power, lol.)

    That AE86 picture is probably my favorite, still, probably ever.

    You’ve also further fueled my “need” to find a high waisted skirt. They look so darn classy….

  2. NOW Those are models. I’m SICK and TIRED of 3/4 naked girls. I like naked girls just like any other guy, but I go to car shows for…. oh I don’t know… CARS?!

    These are some HOT models(some, because not all are my cup of tea)

    Fav’s are:

    In that order. Anyone guess what kind of fever I got? lol

  3. Lol I think I could guess.

    I agree when I go to most shows I would rather look at the car or talk to someone who knows about the car. I really really dislike when girls run around posing on other peoples cars at shows. Eeeech import model stains!

  4. LOL at the “import model stains” bit, hahahaha. I hate to say it like this, but I get some weird satisfaction out of knowing that sometimes guys are as annoyed with some models as I am…. (Sadly, some of them seem to think the world of themselves anyways, and I get *really* insulted when they call themselves “car girls.” Er, no, not quite.)

  5. Just came across this… would like to add… I’m not only one of the car models… but she was also my daily driver.

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