Sleepin on ya


Cars like this are the reason that I am glad I started this blog. When I originally saw this car on I thought it was amazing and sent it to a few friends but really wished I had a chance to share it with more people since I think cars like these make the hobby more interesting.

Thankfully the one year old thread was bumped recently and the pictures were still live so I can now share this ride with a larger audience.

Jake Blackman’s Civic SI’s exterior is perfect example of the oem plus tuning style that Derek Kreindler is so fond of, and under the hood hides a big surprise.

Looking at this car how much horse power do you think it makes? 150? 200? 250?

Just looks like someones clean daily driver
Under the hood is a b16 with a giant snail...
....Tuned by full face
Proof is in the pudding

Well if you guess 900hp, could you please guess some lotto numbers for me as well? When I first saw this dyno sheet I stared at it in awe and amazement for a good five minutes.

I’ve heard of a wolf in sheep’s clothing before but this is on an entirely different level.

In track trim the car looks a bit different but still I can just imagine a few unsuspecting car owners just getting obliterated by this car.

Racing a car with this much power on the streets would be ludicrous so he does it at the track
In a more updated photo this car looks a little less sleeper ish but no less mean

Jake Blackman’s [email protected] run


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