Theme Tuesdays: Subaru Clearance Sale Part II


Is it a coincidence that the Subarus I am posting today are essentially the complete opposite of the one I posted yesterday? Kind of.

Last night after watching the Leafs game I didn’t feel much like finishing up some of the more obscure Theme Tuesday ideas I have in the works (ps3 was calling) so I decided to liberate some of the Subarus I’ve had saved for a while.

I seem to always have an overabundance of Subarus on my hard drive anyway.

Apologies in advance for the lack of (more) Legacy, Forrester, and Outback content in this post.

Start things off locally with Chu's car shot by Gawa
Do you prefer this car on Enkeis?
Or CCWs?
CE28s I think... looks great
Classic Rally Blue on gold with exceptionally clean looking paint
Apparently this is in the stance issue of Super Street, I should look grab that
This car is (was?) for sale, the cage work is insane
Function via the Scraped Crusaders
This car is now back to stock and with a new owner 🙁 also via S.C.
Repost but this Forrester is STILL sick
Classy as hell
Half of this is in the dark but the half I can see I enjoy
More GRB awesome
I honestly can't see why some don't like this model STI
This car is extremely well executed, the height, the color, the wheel choice... even down to the lugs
Aired out
This car was all over the internet a month or two ago
And this car is all over the internet now... my facebook feed was crowded with it this morning
As a bonus here is Crazy Leo in action


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