Red e30s


Why are there so many red e30s? I mean this in two ways, first here in Toronto a few years ago red e30s vastly outnumbered e30s of any other color at meets and events, and second not only are there a lot of them number wise but they also come in several different shades of red just to make things a little more confusing.

Zinnoberrot, Karminrot, and Briliantrot are a few and I am sure I probably missed seven or so.

The good thing about so many red ones being in existence is that it allows for a lot of very nice looking ones to get built like this one I found on the Wrong Fitment Crew Blog

Canadian to boot.

Do I need to say it?
Reminds me of a certain red e30 that is in hiding here in the GTA...
e30s were made for forward rake

Do I post too many e30s? Is that possible?


  1. fun fact ,thay made a short stroke version in europe (just italy and portugal i think) to get round tax law called the 320is
    i know of a guy with a carbon grey “Q car” e30 with a turbo (garret the size of a childs head) i asked if i could do a poast on it the other day but he wanted his ride to rimain anonomus. sorry dave

  2. E30, slammed on BBS’s, one of the most useable combinations of all time. You should consider doing a theme tuesday of E21’s though.

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