UK based wheel company 3SDM has been forwarding me both studio shots of their wheels and mounted shots for a couple of months now but the most recent use of their ‘0.01’ wheels was the first to really catch my eye.

Kind of unavoidable given the color these wheels are painted, but custom orange finish aside the concave of these 18×9.5 wheels suit this ‘dub well.

Though a car this low and clean you could probably slap Ronal Bears on it and I might like it.

Even though this is a square setup the camber out back really makes it look staggered
My retinas are burning... but it is a good burn
Killer profile

www.3sdm.co.uk or [email protected] for more info.

Currently not available in the North America as far as I know.


  1. Those wheels are dope! Only being released in certain countries is a good thing, maybe not from a sales standpoint though. I like checking sites from different parts of the globe to see things we don’t have here in the states. Things can get played out quick.

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