WTF Friday: Random Weird stuff


All of the images and video in today’s WTF Friday post are pretty random but they are all loosely automotive related and pretty weird so up they go.

I’ve also added a flashback Friday portion to my Friday posts to shine some light on older content some of the new readers might not have seen.

The Barrel Bike

I can’t imagine what this would be like to take down a hill… probably loud and somewhat out of control.

It's got a cup holder! my e30 didn't even have one
Those kids are jealous

Random Images

Just some stuff, you know.

Haha vut?
I could ask you guys wtf kind of car this is but I won't do that to you...

Tight Garage

Grant sent me this one and it’s actually kind of sad and awesome all at the same time. It’s cool to see that this guy is working with what he has and figured out a way to get out of his car right into his house, I wonder how long it took to get this dialed.

Flashback Friday

Since I have a decent amount of back content that some of my newer fan base might not have seen I have decided to add flashback Friday paragrpahs in the standard WTF Friday fare.

Today’s Flash back friday post is: Proof that suspension can make anything cool, a post about a local member who has been working on this Lada in Russia.

Is this Lada hopeless?

Site Updates

I actually found some time to put the mobile theme on last weekend so that’s pretty handy (at least for me). I’ve also been contacted by Image Space Media to test out there new way of serving ads on images and I might try it out on a few pages and see how it effects performance and usability. I don’t want this site to look like a Nascar so I’m a bit hesitant to start stuffing ads all over the place but we will see.

Other than that its business as usual, traffic is steady and I bought a box of envelopes for sticker shipments. TGIF!


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