On a boat


Before emissions tests and the fear that we were going to run out of gas in the foreseeable future cars were big, very big, land yachts in fact. While today large cars seem to be slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past some cars are still big enough to be considered new age boats. 300c’s are one of these cars, compared to most cars on the road today they are pretty big, big enough to attract attention in stock trim but once slammed they demand it.

Today’s Sunday quick post is a a few 300c’s I had in my collection.

Not only is this 300 super slammed check out the dish on the front and the rear
Fenders layin nicely on those fat lips
Fenders layin nicely on those fat lips
VIP'd out nothing but dish
Once again fender meets lip
While balling rims are nice this SRT proves they are not always necessary
Tuckin rim
This car is probably my favorite of the bunch

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