Motor Monday: Bullseye


Watching vehicles evolve over time, and having evidence of their evolution, is one of the perks of having more photos then you know what to do with.

In 2018 Motorama coverage I mentioned that the turbo set up on this local twin turbo Dodge Dart had changed from the last time I’d seen the car.

I took a minute to look back in the archives so I can illustrate just how much the car has changed under hood.

The two pictures below represent the difference from 2016 to now.

The setup has evolved from phase one rather significantly. The radiator is has been swapped, the turbos are now positioned entirely differently, they’ve been wrapped, and they just might be new units all together.

I’m sure all of these changes were not done arbitrarily as it doesn’t look like a car that was built just “because”.

The Dart is an all steel, leaf sprung car and the motor is a 514 Mopar big block. I don’t know what it runs yet but when I find out I’ll update this post.

Visually the car is rather unchanged and looks nearly identical to the photo above.

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