WTF Friday: Crazy Finnish Rally Crashes


Recently, one late Saturday night, I was watching Destroyed in Seconds and among videos of people building their own bulldozers and wrecking a town,snow mobilers failing extreme hill climbs, motorcycle riders clipping walls, there was video of some insane rally crashes. Then, a few days later I saw this 10 minute video of crazy finnish rally crashes. Whenever I see these videos  my first reaction is WTF why are spectators always so close to the action?

Warning: If you are squeamish or don’t like car crashes this isn’t for you. From what I have watched it doesn’t look like anyone gets critically injured but some people defiantly come close to a spinning rally machine taking off their  heads.

If I ever go to a rally event you can bet I will be standing far away with a long lens, as much as I would want to see the cars up close I don’t really need to see the catalytic converter that bad, or feel how much it burns.

Site Updates:

Once again the featured ride stole the show for weekly top content but the readers rides this week also did pretty well, I’m always down to do both readers rides and features so if you are interested just send the email to [email protected] and we will take it from there.

All the stickers have been spoken for from the first run and I am mailing sets out this weekend to: Jason, Brian, Logan, Blake, Marco, Nicolas, and Eddie. I plan on contacting Seche Media tonight regarding getting another batch done. I am thinking of getting 15 of every color this time however if you think their is a color I should get let me know in the comments.

I think I am throwing my winter tires on this weekend which is a bummer but I will probably leave my lip on until the first snow fall, we shall see. I will be working Saturday so I might need to blow of some steam with a quick post so if you have a second over the weekend take a peak back at the site and you might see something new. Keep it rubber side down!


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