Event Coverage: The 2013 Canadian International Autoshow: Pt. 2


Back with the second (and final) batch of photos from the 2013 Canadian International Autoshow media day. In my two years of experience attending the show for media day I have found striking an even balance between getting uncluttered photos and attending big reveals a little difficult.

Last year I missed pretty well everything but this year I fared a bit better managing to catch three or four. Sadly I was distracted during Chevrolet’s uncloaking of the Sting Ray which I’m still kicking myself over.

That misstep aside I am still pretty happy with the photos I was able to get from the shows 40th anniversary shindig and hopefully you all enjoy them as well.

The Rebull sponsored Infiniti F-1 car was the only Infiniti photo I took
Honda Izod Indycar series car
My first encounter with Pat Cyr’s featured FR-S equipped with all it’s sponsor stickers. There is a lot of buzz around this car and personally I can’t wait to see it on the track.
I’m so used to the FR-S front end that the BRZ almost seems foreign now
Hyundai HCD-14 Concept, Hyundai is really out to prove something in recent years
I could see some VIP styled builds being done with this platform. even though it would not be an “accepted” base
The Tron looking Toyota Fun-Vii, the side of this car is essentially a giant TV screen
The CTS V proudly boasting it’s HP numbers
Sport Wagon version
I meant to get a photo like this with the cover off and somehow didn’t…
Shortly after I took this shot another media photographer slammed the door (which loudly rejected the notion and popped back open) and things got really awkward/funny after that as he tried to slink away


Lexus brought out quite a few concepts this year in addition to their new model year offerings.

Lexus LFA
The Lexus Future Coupe Concept
The debut of the hybrid LF-LC concept , a hybrid 2+2 sports car


Outside of the autoshow I kind of completely forget about anything Jaguar is doing. I just don’t really see any new ones on the street and the older ones I do see are so beat up I try not to give them much attention.

Last year I was really impressed with the CX-16 and this year I was equally impressed by what they brought out.

The front end of the XK RS
The new F-type, Jaguar’s first 2 seater since the E-type and 50 years in the making


Audi always has some of the better media presentations (and press kits) at the Canadian International Autoshow and this year one of their highlighted debuts was the brand new R-8.

The new R8 with the v10 plus under the hood thumping out 500hp and enough torque to skate to 100km in 3.5 seconds making it the fastest to date
A lot of people are going to be seeing this tail lights no doubt
The grill of the RS5
The twin turbo V8 4.0l powered RS-7. If I ever need a grown man sedan…


I didn’t spend a whole lot of time hanging around the BMW area as I am more of a vintage BMW guy but their I-8 concept was too intriguing not to check out.

I liked how they had the car sitting under this semi transparent cover, made for a cool effect showing off their latest LED headlight trim
Shortly after the photo above the i8 was revealed in all it’s glory. It’s hybrid powered and 0-100km/h in under 5 seconds.
i8 concept interior
Safe to assume the production models won’t look quite so crazy

Mercedes Benz

Much like BMW I didn’t spend a heck of a lot of time in the Mercedes Benz area but I did mange to snap off a few shots the brief time I was there.

One of two 1:1 MB photos I took and liked
Very peculiar looking Smart Forstars concept that has a projector in the front grill in case you wanted to recreate the drive in atmosphere in the comfort of your own driveway
These models ended up stealing my attention in the Benz area
I’d love to have a die-cast collection one day but these things are so detailed and so expensive
The legendary 300SL gullwing in small scale form


As far as I know Mazda didn’t have anything too crazy debuting at this years show but currently being a Mazda owner I decided to look at the current generation Mazda 3s.

I believe this was almost entirely built with Mazda OEM accessories. Shame they dropped their re branded pro kits from the lineup as this car needs it’s high heels trimmed a bit
The new MX-5. I’m not  sure if people will  flock to these in the future like the NA and lesser extent NB
The speed3 front end has grown on me since the 2010 release and as awhole this car isn’t bad but not sure if I trust Mazda to be rid of their rust issues


The media lunch was served in the Ford exhibit so once I finished eating I took a detailed look at the new Ford Focus ST which is designed to compete directly with the Mazda Speed3. To be honest it’s not a bad car at all options and power wise. Is it worth the 30 thousand or so sticker? Not sure. But a welcome addition to the segment none the less.

It’s kind of a shame that neither Mazda or Ford offer these cars with an all wheel drive option but one can only assume that was done to keep costs down.

As though the are anticipating wider wheel/tire setups the Focus RS comes with rolled flat fenders from the factory which is pretty cool. A car I would consider in the future if I was go go F.I. FWD
The ST kind of looks a bit van like from this angle though…
One thing I have always liked about the Flex line is the color options
Bagged Ford Fusion, which has obviously been making it’s way around since SEMA
This Fusion from the Ice Nine Group is something that on paper I wouldn’t be into but in person I kind of liked it…
…big Touring wing and all. (The power plant is a turbo 1.6L EcoBoost)
Engraved rotors hiding behind Ruff wheels


The highlight of the Dodge area was obviously the new Viper but the Ram Charger and Fiat Abrath 500 were interesting as well.

The new SRT 8 showing off it’s new 6.4L hemi
Dodge offering a matte, vinyl wrap like, finish for the Dart
Fiat 500 Abarth
Dodge answering the call of the Ford Raptor
What are the chances this one can survive a 90mph jump?
I’ve always been a big fan of the Viper, and this new release is probably my favourite since the original GTS coupe
The side profile pretty is just as aggressive as the front
Laguna Red leather interior accented will with black and silver
8.4L V10, nice to see Dodge stick with such a big motor when many are going to hybrids…
One of the better looking Dodge rear ends in recent memory
Love it

That’s it for the 2013 CIAS coverage. I’ll leave you with this.


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