Guest Coverage: Summer Sizzle 3


I didn’t mean to leave you guys without any new content yesterday but things have been a bit hectic at work which means more time spent there and less time spent elsewhere, however thanks to Mike Branco I’ve got even more event coverage from this past event filled weekend in the Toronto area.

While I wasn’t able to make it out to this years Summer Sizzle put on by Pur Secretz Mike happened to be showing at the event and was nice enough to snap a few photos for use here.

Like last year this show took place at Vonn Cycle where they had the ability to shut a few streets down and line it with cars.

Bikes and Vonn Cycle

Since the show as at a motorcycle shop there were bikes on display (along with cars) inside and outside of Vonn Cycle.

The dude in the background kinda looks like Skillz
Wish I knew a little more about bikes...
Ya, I guess that is a nice car to have in your showroom...
Classy lady in red


Seeing cars like these makes me super excited for the Fleetwood Country Cruize In I am going to this weekend.

This clean Camaro is new to me
Quite used to seeing this Nova standing out in a sea of imports


Nice lookin' line up
Not familiar with this e30 hopefully I'll catch it in person sometime
Turbo fed Golf


Mike's personal ride, VS-XX wheels looking damn clean
This is a nicely done Mazda6
Row of Sedans
Interesting color choices here, not bad
This was the RX-7 that showed up to Stretch & Poke
I think I've seen this wide body RSX before but perhaps on different wheels
Ejaz's Protege
RX-8 wheels are a common mod for 3s but a little less common for Proteges
and this is a...?
See this car sliding Sunday maybe?
If I am not mistaken this car has had a wheel swap since I last saw it
Did Matt get new wheels... again?
Focal Point Concepts, Call of Duty fans it would seem
This looks like the Fast Wheels Chaser
Nice two tone turbo hatch

Some of you might remember Mike’s work from last year where he covered Stretch and Poke 2 for the site, don’t be surprised if you start to see his name a bit more around here as he approached me recently with some pretty cool ideas for the site.

Mikes entire Summer Sizzle photo set can be found here.


  1. “RX-7 that showed up at Stretch and Poke”? More like “the RX-7 driven by a douchebag that almost ran over a dude taking pics. ” Seriously, that dude is a tool.

  2. The little black car with gullwing doors is Mazda Autozam AZ-1, very JDM with a 3-cylinder turbo. Never heard of one being in North America before 😀

  3. @Chris, you can actually import them I believe (to Canada at least). For the US, I believe you have to wait until the car is 25 years old until can officially be imported. There are a few individuals who somehow earn exceptions to this (such as importing the car as parts and then reassembling it, titling it as a kit car. Although the gov. has gone after this practice rather recently.)

  4. Nah just painted them white… waiting for my real wheels to come in.. for now these graham lights will have to do.. there my track wheels… but lots more mods than that..

    Full AP2 conversion, and new under hood goodies..

  5. You guys are correct the little car is an Autozam AZ-1 (made by mazda and suzuki). Its mine! I’ve had it vinyl wrapped since this show. I think there is a picture of it in the cscs photos on this site. Its now blue / black.

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