Theme Tuesdays: Trucks Being Awesome In Car Like Settings


Some people seem to think that trucks are only really good for hauling around couches, track cars, dirt bikes, debris, and people.

These same people often also believe that trucks should stay stock, never compete in anything on road, and should never be pretty as that “defeats the purpose of a truck”.

That’s boring, trucks are awesome and in the right hands are quite capable of doing a myriad of things outside of the general lugging stuff around and frolicking in the dirt.

Today’s Theme Tuesday is a salute to just a small sampling of the awesome trucks that exist on autocross tracks and drift courses around the world.

Start things off with a local hero pitching his truck sideways
I have posted Chris Smith’s c-10 a few times now and I will most likely continue to do so
It would appear I need to research what the “No Limit” on the door of this truck and the one above it are in reference to
Butch recently let me know that sadly this truck is no more, shame. (Going on 4th or 5th post of this exact image).
A post on the forum I picked this up it said this truck was “quicker than you’d expect”
Oddly enough I’ve only ever seen pictures of this truck on an autocross course
I need to go to a Good Guys event..
More encouragement to make that happen
A little body roll never hurt anyone
This looks to be a quite awesome Jeep Comanche
If ever a photo needs to be found and posted as big as possible it is this
Semi Trucks can get in on the fun too
Too much want for Sy/Ty’s
I love to see unique things drifting and this is pretty damn unique
Mazdawg getting sideways
I feel as though I’ve also posted this truck several a time…
More sideways turbo truck
I know it’s not really a truck but I couldn’t resist posting this one
Every time I went to DMCC Mosport I hoped this truck would make it but he never did. Looks like I'll have to travel to Quebec to see it
Every time I went to DMCC Mosport I hoped this truck would make it but he never did. Looks like I’ll have to travel to Quebec to see it
Nigel from engineered to slide has basically reached god status with this drift ute
That ride height.


  1. The No Limit comes from No Limit Engineering. They build high performance chassis’ for older model trucks. Both (I believe) trucks have been featured in Street Trucks magazine. Both are amazing pieces of machinery!

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