Theme Tuesdays: Sy/Tys


As a big first generation S10/Blazer fan the first time I discovered Syclones and Typhoons they shot to the top of my ‘favorite vehicles ever built’ list about as fast as they ran down the quarter mile.

I mean what’s not to like about an all wheel drive pickup/suv that could out run a Corvette and a Ferrari in stock form?

Held in high regard by many Sy/Tys are one of ‘those’ vehicles that people get a little prickly about when it comes to modification. Of course like everything else there are more than a few people willing to throw caution to the wind and turn something awesome into something amazing.

Or in some cases something just kind of interesting.

I bet the wheel and paint choice on this truck ruffles a few feathers within the Sy/Ty community
CCW Classics work on just about anything
This 92 is pretty well perfect: it’s got a pte 54 turbo, Sportmachine coils, 3″ drop leafs, rear dics, chipped, etc…
Someone needs to make this reality, like now.
Also if that same person could find more photos of this truck for me that would be sweet
While it looks like the owner raided the Lund catalog I do like the use of mesh wheels on a Sy
He is also not afraid to hoon it a bit…
Since there were only ten of these ever built the chances I will ever see one are pretty slim…
Banks power Sy that went 200MPH
Oh so 90s. You can read more about this truck here
Women love them too
Women love them too
Like I said…
This build was very promising and then suddenly no updates. I hate cardomain for that. So. Very. Much. You can tease yourself here if you like
I’m not going to lie the first few photos of this truck I thought the wheels were photoshopped but it turns out they are actually just that color. It’s actualy You can read more about #2320 on
So as you all know from the Importfest coverage Tyler owns this LS Syclone on SSRs…
….he also owns this
Shaun Palmer’s Pike’s Peek SY

One of two trucks in today’s post known as the Syborg, Speedhunters has the feature on this 410 horsepower and 440 foot pounds of torque monster
I was lucky enough to see this Syborg at SEMA in 2010…
Technically it stared as a Sonoma GT but there was no way I wasn’t including it
It came a long damn way
The twin Turbo 4.7 is just the tip of the iceberg with this truck, the build is here
This belongs to “NoJimmy” on sy/
#lsineverything ls7 in this case
The lowest of the bunch, perhaps the lowest period
At this years Camp N Drag

Alright so from here down things get a little wild…. You’ve been warned.

That’s a 900hp 438 sitting in between the fenders of an actual Typhoon
The owner put the motor in after grenading the turbo 6 twice over
It is still all wheel drive with a beefed up diff up front and a Ford 9 in the rear. A bit more info on it is here

Last but not least I end things with this insane twin turbo Typhoon laying bumper:


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