Event Coverage: Battleground Show & Shine


I mentioned last week that Sunday September 11th was a busy day to be a car enthusiast here in Toronto.

Conveniently the two events were close enough (about thirty minutes apart) that you didn’t really have to make a choice between the two if you were only a spectator like myself.

The first event I attended (and returned to) was the Battleground Show N’ Shine put on by Battleground Performance and Division R.

Previously Division R had most of their events in Mississauga but this year they decided to switch things and as a new event, at a new venue, the show drew out a good amount of cars so I am sure the organizers were pretty happy.

The Fiat

This was actually one of two crazy Fiat’s I saw last Saturday which on it’s own is pretty weird because I don’t normally come across Fiats outside of classic car shows. What made this particular one different (other than the fact it is an X1/9 something I have never seen before) is that it was powered by a turbocharged h22 Honda motor.

A quick google search revealed that this might not be the only one
Fuelcell up front along with what look to be 8" subs
In addition to the motor swap the car has obviously undergone a lot of cosmetic changes
See the guy in the background looking at it like wtf? There was a lot of that


Once I made it past the Fiat I headed over to where some domestics were parked to say hello to a few friends

One of my favorite local sleepers
James and I (mostly James) are looking to put together something for the underexposed mini truck community in Ont should be cool once we do it
In addition to being quite nice this girl loves trucks
One More
James came out with two friends, one who drove a bagged Camaro and another who drives a currently un-restored mini from the early 90s
In typical Lowkey fashion no sign of the air management in this Camaro
Cobalts are becoming a bit more commonplace at shows

Hyundai, Nissan, and Infiniti

The dudes in the car beside this Gen seem to be watching my closely...
Part of the Division R lineup
Alvin's Kenwood trunk setup (thanks for rockin' the new sticker)
This G35 on 20x10 /20x11 Raderwerks should be familiar to you by now
Well fitted
As part of Division R he couldn't be judged but I am sure he would have done well if he could
Apparently this car was at Importfest and I just missed it... tunnel vision brought on by the Impala beside it at the time I suppose
The Sic Ryde lineup changes so often though you can't really blame me for missing new additions occasionally


Don't think I have ever thrown up a side shot of Tim's Protege
RX-7 with a body kit I have never seen before...
I have to stop messing around and actually get an engine bay shot of this car for you guys
Dat ass


Really liked the wheels on this car... never seen them before
Close up of the kicks Venette Vega wheels
Very nice DC2
I'm curious how many NSX's are in the area as I keep coming across ones that are new to me
I also seem to have under estimated the amount of first gen Civics
Unlike the RX-7 above I got pics of this cars motor and nothing else... it runs 10s
Couple Hondas parked in the far side of the lot
Always nice to see a well kept CRX
Engine bay of the above rex
I think a girl might have driven this one
This one I know was lady driven
Emilio from Two Litre Media made the trek out from Kingston
Spotted him at the end of the day shooting for the raffle winner
Worked 905 reppin'
The engine bay is pretty cool certainly not many, if any, like it
Level One rolling in after Stretch and Poke
Their rear diffuser game is serious
Dan ended up taking home best stance
Level One S2k lineup
This V6 civic showed up while I at Stretch and Poke
Brian's Ek still never ceases to impress me
The entire build is on point
Little jealous of those wheels...

Putting on a show is a heck of a lot of work so congrats to Battleground and Division R for pulling of their first one.

Tomorrow I will have photos from the last Stretch and Poke meet of the season.


  1. I already spoke with sam at the show the red g35 will be running solo from now on just a personal preference i believe from the driver, any shows he will not be representing a team as far as i know. thats why he was able to compete.

  2. Hay Dave the CRX belongs to John Behal he also rolls with Lowkey Designs
    We r going to be doing a wire tuck this winter.
    Sweet shots of the front Thanks

  3. Great pics Dave!!! It was a great show too!!Thanks for throwing in the Blazer with James’s truck!!!! Hopefully we can get more minitruck guys out to the shows next year!!!

  4. I do believe that’s a second gen, not first gen civic . . . the body shape is different plus the bumper, side markers and hood are too far off to be a first gen

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