When I saw pictures of this truck on Low Tech (via Phils Car Blog’s blogroll) I was floored. This is one beautiful vehicle and the photographs that capture it are equally beautiful.

Some may argue that a vehicle with narrow wheels, lots of sidewall, high ground clearance, and no fenders to speak of doesn’t have stance. I beg to differ, this car has stance, class, and attitude all rolled into one clean classic package.

This car is customization at it’s finest, let’s respect the elders in the game!

If I was cruising down an alley and saw this hiding I would slam on the brakes
The Cabin was a 29 sedan and the bed is all custom, under the hood is a Triumph motor
Mexi flush? 😉
This truck is just fantastic

Photo Credits: Low Tech

Full set of photos on


  1. god damn i want that the only thing im not totaly in love with is the color or the wheels ne there for grill blood red candy eny one? othe than that its perfect love the idea of the triumph lump too

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