Slammed at work


These past few weeks at work have been pretty wild, the entire department has been busy and I’ve been slammed with a bunch of time sensitive projects.

I’m not complaining because though because it’s better to be too busy than not at all as far as work is concerned.

Drawing inspiration from being slammed at work here is a quick post of an Accord slammed on Works.

Has anyone ever seen a bad VS-XX application?
If only I had more money
Poke all around with little to no camber in sight
My favorite shot of the set
If this car was any other color I think the hood would be too much

Almost vacation time…


  1. I agree about the hood. I’m usually not a big fan of lancer style hoods on non-lancers but I like this one. But do those vents really do that much good for engine cooling? Or are they mainly for looks?

  2. sooo sick n smooth could do with a lil more camber tho
    mark V@ a bonnet vent like that is used to draw hot air from the back of the rad and do work very well especialy if you have a your rad on at a slant as it also helps stop traped air under the bonnet and aginst the fire wall and helps get cooler air in the intake altho wraping your headers gets your under bonnet temp down about 50% and its a shit load cheeper so that would be my first call lol

  3. oh dave@ im working 11 and a half hours a day 7 days a week and i havent had a day off in 2 and a half months i know the feeling bro my simpathys

  4. VS-XX wheels are kind of like BBS LM’s (RS too) look great on a lot of platforms so they appear pretty much everywhere. I still like them quite a bit though.

    And Ollie work combined with packing to move is killing me, my dads moving too so I helped him move furniture last night, fun!

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