Drift Posse: Shakin’ Off The Rust


My friend Brad Cross of Drift Posse had this posted on his facebook and I watched it and enjoyed. DP managed to get out and film some snow drifting during our really dry winter here in Toronto and also threw in some footage from the Sweetie Girl Racing Clinic from last week, check it out.

DRIFTPOSSE.COM – The drivers aren’t the only ones shakin’ off the rust, with this being only the second, and final Cyrious Productions offseason jam to be released this year. This one’s short and sweet… most of the fellas are busier doing builds than driving this year, but now that the track days are starting to open up, it’s time to get those cars race ready and shake off that rust!!! This video Has some combined footage from the final two snowfalls we saw this winter, as well as some clips from the SGR Track Day at Cayuga, March 21st 2010.

Music: Tortoise – Seneca and Wu-Tang – Cash Still Rules/Scary Hours (still don’t nothing move but the money)


  1. im so stoked for this edit Dan definatly is puttin in work with the new camera !
    thanks for throwing it up here Dave

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