With the Fast Six trailer dropping Super Bowl Sunday, and an extended trailer taking flight later in the week, it’s hard not to think back to the early days of the franchise.

Looking at the ‘car stars’ from first instalment it’s hard to say which vehicle the movie did more of a disservice; the Mk2 Jetta, The Toyota Supra, or the Mitsubishi Eclipse/Eagle Talon.

In my opinion the DSM community suffered the worst of it (because no one wanted to replicate the Jetta and Supras were still fairly expensive) resulting in several replicas of the ill-fated green Eclipse roaming the streets. This forced the clean ones into hiding for some time but recently they are making their way back out onto the street.

Two great examples are Eric’s which I posted to the Fan Page on Tuesday and this one below from the bay area that looks stunning rolling.

Simplicity is key with these now, and this car is about as simple and refined as it gets
Some people hate this particular spoiler but I think it helps balance out the fairly large rear bumper
My personal Favourite shot of the bunch

Couple more rollers here on Stance | Works.

Sorry about the terrible title pun.


  1. Not only do they look decent (especially the Eclipse, not as much the Talon and Laser), these cars can be made wicked fast fairly easily. Gotta love that.

    The Jetta in F&F was a Mk3, but horrible nonetheless. Every once in a while I see a green Eclipse out on the road with the full F&F look. Wonder how the driver feels while driving it?

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