Ocean Blitz


Jesse from Air Society and I have been shooting emails back and forth about the lay (low?) of the land here in Ontario and Montreal and while most of those emails are just us talking nonsense he did happen to give me a little information on an event they are putting together called Ocean Blitz.

Simply put Ocean Blitz is a huge rally to H20i put on by Air Society in conjunction with: Canibeat, Klutch, and Redbull.

The Toronto idub chapter is helping out organization of things here in the GTA and since I can’t be a part of it this year I am just here to help spread the good word.

If you want more information head over to OceanBlitz.com and if you want a teaser video just scroll down.

Canadians doing work, I love it.

If anyone wants to send over a few pictures of H20i in my absences I would be stoked.


  1. Maybe someday I’ll be able to participate… I’ll be working that weekend this year. I’ll be keeping an eye out though!

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