Theme Tuesdays: Pictures With Attitude 6


Last night after sitting down at the computer post a relaxing long weekend I realized that I was at the now familiar point where I have a few Theme Tuesday ideas started (around 6-8 photos) but not too many at, or near enough to, the point of completion.

Thankfully I’ve had this one waiting in my draft status for a bit and six plus months since the last ‘Pictures With Attitude’ (aka awesome photos) it was time for this draft to grow up and become a real post. Enjoy the latest edition of awesome from all over the web.

This is a Superbird that drifts, your argument is invalid.
Another shot if it because it is awesome
I thought about including this photo in a few other themes but something about it made me post it here
I've gotta check out a rally in person sometime
Explanation unnecessary
See above caption
Clown shoe getting sideways
This photo is many things and awesome is one of them
This looks like a very intense course
Incredible capture, driver behind probably doesn't appreciate it though
Wonder if he saved it...
Smell the rubber
This is another photo I could have posted another Tuesday but chose to post here
No I don't have high res 🙁
I'm pretty sure this is the second photo like this I have seen
If there was any argument as to whether or not lowrider guys know stance this should dead it


  1. i have a thing for datonas and super birds dont ask me why
    that photo of the renult 5maxxy turbo2 is from monte carlo not ragnotti tho 🙁

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