Theme Tuesdays: Pictures With Attitude: 5


Last night I had envisioned doing a ‘Favorites of Wekfest 2011’ Theme Tuesday (since I was not there) but when I started looking for photos I was having a hell of a time finding ones that were not full of hoards of people.

I noticed a few better photos popped up this morning but I generally don’t like posting Theme Tuesdays after work so here are some more awesome automotive photos I felt needed to be shared.

Start off with what was probably an intense moment
This car appears as though it's street legal
I need to experience this
Hands up if you had a poster of this car on your wall as a kid
It was really hard for me not to post this with the rest of the P cars not too long ago
I would probably kill myself on a bike but I would still like to own one
Lucky Subaru driver
Sideways open wheel cars is becoming a fetish of mine
More open wheel amazing
Spark it or park it
Just a sick photo
If only cops were actually this cool
One of the many reasons I want a Subaru one day
Never lift


  1. @Dave – Sure, but c’mon man you know you love the rare platforms! I’d buy a Mazdaspeed 6 over the Suby/Evo trend any day. 😛 On that note, dig up some cool MS6s and do a feature. I know, I don’t ask for much.

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